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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 9, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> massive fire in wess baltimore safely put out. the decision made that firefighters say could have turned this into a disaster. >> a child's toy detonated. why police thought it was dangerous and the commotion it caussd in a neighborhood. e is not a murder. >> man accussd of mmrder released on bail. the decision made today that has his family so upset. cool temperature continue and chance for rain is moving in. the cold front that could bring in the showers in my sky watch foreccst. hello. >> tonight a maa accused of executing a stranger and severed is back behind bars. >> a judge revoked the bail early today and as joy tells u
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us, the decision comes as police look into whether this might be a hate crime. joy? >> from road rage to possibll hate crime, nothing at this point s being ruled out as a possible motive in the murder of 40-year-old calvin youngg in court today prosecutors want to have the man accused request. king was freed even though he was charged with first degree murdee. prosecutors found out through phone calls from concerned residents. quickly the state filed a motion tt revoke bail request. a decision that left one family fuming and another breathing a sigh of relief. >> my son did not do this. he's innocent. they need to look for the real kkller and guess what, there's somebody throughout that knows who it is and you eed to come forward. for my son sake don't lettit be 2 innocent lives lost. >> before the decision we were very worried about t like for the family and for the
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community because he's around -úthe area. >>reporter: king was 43 for nearly a week after a a a judge set the bail at 1 million dollars. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. investigate a murder in west baltimore. happened about 1:00 o'clock this afternoon on baker street near brad avenue. mmn was shot and stumbled into a neaa by business. he was pronounced dead later onn% at the hospital. >> barricade situation ends with the arrest oo shooting police spotted 19-year-old michael ellis on court near baker street. they say ellis went inside a home and stand off ensued. swat team was then called in. >> dueeto the nature of the warrant for which he was wanted that is why we tookkall the precautions to protect everyone in the neighborhood and do whattwe did to apprehend him. >> ellis wanted for shoooing early this month after a 3 hour stand off. poliie finally took him into custody. are investigating a seriousty
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stabbbng in rice town at the intersection of roote 140 and franklin boulevard. police aren't ure in a robbery happened but a fight broke out before the man was stabbed. victim died from the injjries. suspect still on the loose. 14-year-old girl accused of murdering a man during a robbery attempt last month will be harged as an adult. police say miss holt shot 84-year-old jose when sse tried to rob him and another man. police said she pulled the gun on the men when they laughed at her when she -údemanded money. >> 100 firefighters battle 8 alarm bllze in west baltimooe. karen live at the scene to tell us why fireeighters tonight say this proves the serious lack of resources. karen. -ú>>rrporter: that's right jeff. you can still smell the smoke out here and still see the debris left from yesterday's fire fiasco. blaze started here in the 1300 block of north calhoun across the street total 8 houses jeans kaus caught on fires. minutes later 4 or 5 more
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homes went up in smoke. 2 blocks away along north kerry a few hourr later crews were called for third home burning on west madison street. fire officials say they are grateful most of the homes were vacant and not occupied and safety could have been compromised because of the lack of resourccs..6 3 3 >> the city was required to ask for company to transfer ii from ndarundle county, baltimore county, county, howard county, harper county and as far away as washington, d.c. >>reporter: a spokesman for mayor blake says despite a record 121 million dollar budget deficit, the mayor restored critical funding so the fire department this year to reduce rotatinn fire company closure overrthe last year. in the city we have at least 3 fire company clooures per day. this is live in west baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you karenn police ammon suspected of rape in
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annapolis. investigators say úrank leon hall sexually assaulted a woman behind a building near the intersection of south gate avenue and west street. hall was just released from prison a month ago. after serving a year for strong arm robbery. >> today a revised sexually harassment lawsuit against andarundle county executivee% john leoppld. new details reveal very bizarre behavior. in the lawsuit the plaintiff carla hammer paint a clear picture of a skirt chasing ccunty executive who goes to great length to get what he wants. claims leopold would use binocular to scope out women and orrer police officerr to rundown their license plates. >> he would ask the guard. ask the police officer. ask anybody else he had to to get the information relating to that person. >>reporter: llwsuit allo claams lee body used fear and intimidation tactic to keep workers quiet. she's seeking 300,000 dollars in the lawsuit and county attorney says the case has no merit whatsoever. how are the roads tonight.
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lauren cook has the traffic edge report. lauren? >> thank yoo jennifer. we have several accidents tonight. trouble on route 40 where we are dealing with crash along the westbound lanes at new wood drive and west side of the belt way watch oot for debris on the look at liberty roaddyou see it is really going to be 32 miles per hour along the inner loop lanes and the congestion will continue as we make our way to townsend. look at delaney valley road where you can see the inner lupus jammed hear as well. fortunately you'll see some relief at the push to parkville. those using the jfx no problem to report from downtown up to the belt way but we are dealing with an accident on marketplaceeat east lombard street ann a gas main break in east baltimore rightton north curly street at east fay streee and slow ride thrrugh the fort mchenry unnel at 35 miles per hour along the northbound lanes of 95. that is the traffic edge report now >> the roads are safer than they have been in almoss 60
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years. the national highwayy6 traffic safety administration says fatality are at level not seen since tte 1950s. 2009 the number of americans who died on u.s. highway fell to less than 34,,00 down 9.7% from the previous year. in maryland there werr 547 traffic fatalities in 2009. decrease of 7. 4 percent. >> the mayor goes underground to convince internet giant going toll bring fiber optic to this city. mayor blake don the hard hat and safety vest to highlight the city underground conduit system. speed fiber optic internethigh system. some cities went the gimmick route. i think one city named themselves google for the day. e in baltimore want to stress the real reason. the hard facts about why baltimore is he best place for google fiber for communities. >> more than 1,000 community
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rain and drought conditions in the state and when showers could finally arrive. toy. >> i'm
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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>> family mourning the loss of a son and soldier. sunday 25-year-old christopher bail was killed in afghaaistan. jeff hhre with the tragic details. jeff? >>reporter: christopher survived a bomb attack two years ago but this weekend a second aatack cost him his life. he was killed bay roadside bomb in after essablish on sunday. he had been working for a private months. he john walker lindh the firm after serving 5 years in thh marines whhch included 3 tours in iraq here he earned aapurple heart. in randaal's town his mother is dealing withhthe pain of llsing a son. >> mother donn have words this earth. he fought ford onf this country on foreign soil.
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>>reeorterr he's being flown back to the country tonight. his mother and fiance are now planniig a meeorial service. this is news at 5530. okay jeff. the newest 9/11 memorial in this area is now completed. finishing touches put on last night. now the memorial sttnd in front of the andarundle fire and police headquarters. the beaas are are from the rubble at ggound zero. they were brought in last month. area contractor donatee their time to complete this project. >> people it's like now i have a memoriall once a year i go north. now i come more often here. >>reporter: phase 2 of the project will include benches, a walkway and plaque honoring those who died nine years ago. >> well very hard to complain abbut today's weather. >> absolutely. despite the nice weather we could use
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rain. emily et us know when we can get showers soon. >>reporter: we have wet weather than the way. not looking outside at hd radar we see the sameestorr we have seep for few days now. clear conditions. dry conditions out there. we are stayyng dry and we will be dry for at least the next couple dayy. month and we are nly 9 days into the monthh we could certainly use the rain. see it this weekend but not right now. radar will stay dry for a couule mooe days. the other thing experiencing today is -úvery comfortable temperatures. 76 right now in baltimore. 80 degrees in dc. and 73 in hagerstown. ww'll stay at or belowwthe average temperatures week and start of the weekend and the other thing we are deaaing with is the dry air. our dew point only 44 degrees right now in baltimore. 44 in washington top dc. typically whhn the dew point in the 50's it feels very dry outside. you can imagiie incrrdibly dry out here right now with the
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dew point in the mid 40's and we'll stay that way for a couple more days as well. tropical depression well off the coast not far off the hour just downgraded to tropical ddpression. expected to beccme a tropical storm though once again and hen also a hurricane so we'll continue to watcc trooical depression over the next couple of days. back at home 56 degrees. cool overnight. 60 downtown and we have moree% cool weather in the forecast along with someerain to talk about. aal the details commng up in just a bit. back to you. the breaaing news this afternoon in the controversy over plans to ban the koran at florida church. minutes ago the pastor of that church announced he's cancelling ppans forth burning on september 11. pastor terri jones planned to burr the books on the annnversary of the terrorist attack to protest radical muslim.
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president obama weighed in saying there could be consequences well beyond the united ssatts. >> this is a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. you could have serious violence in places like pakistan or afghanistan. >>reporter: once again late today the pastor called off plans for that koran burning. >> that brings us to our question of the day. do you agree with the pastor's decision to cancel plans to burn the koran. gg to our web burnite and let us know what you this also sound off on facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text us at this number and a.for yes and b.for no and your response might air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. no screaming children allowed that's the signs stirring debate at north carolina eatery. owner says disruptive kids were bothering customers in the restaurant sew start add policy. but the mother of an autistic child says this is clear violence of
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the american with disability act. >> i think she needs to meet some of the kids. i thiik shee% needs to have an opportuuity to see that they are awesome and please don't hut them out because they don't fit into the perfect little box that everybody wants them in. >> i ave an autistic chiid and you are singling them out i said autism is not a word that's on that sipe, ma'am. >>reporter: the owner is qqick to point out no one will be kicked out of the restaurant just step outside -úfor awhile until the hild calms down. state of florida a child learns very painful lessons about not putting away their toys. orlando school ut open lock down over a stuffed animal left in theestreet. police considered it suspicious and ddcided best thing to do there you go. blow it up. police later determined it was noo a threat but only after the neighborhood pelted with a lot of stuffiig, get the rakes out. kids and cavity. positive texasally dangerous ccemical
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discovereddin filliigs.%
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. if. more difficult than firste thought. despite everything we know about smoking 1 in 5 americans are still lighting up on a rrgular basis. even% more alarming than that, teenagers are ot geeting the message about the
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littte bit different. i think they think that they aren't quite aware of the risk involved. >>reeorter: numbers from the cdc nearly 40 percent of smokers try to quut each and every year but 1 in 20 suck úee. the good news? if you stay smoke free for three years it's like you never smoked at all in your life. >> the fillingg and sealant -úused by the dentist expose kids to the chemical bp a. doctors say they don't know whethee exposure poses a long-term health risk. bp a has been blammd innthe past for a numberrof illnesses including cancer, infertility and behavioral problems. weel britney spares has built her singing ccreer on being sexy bbt might have filed suit saying that spearsy repeatedly exposed herself to him. e also says spears
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berated him at movie theater $18 witnesssd her act film shot by the film shot in hhgerstown ann surrounding area andddirector plans on em employing as many marylanders as possible. reator of the blair witch project shot it in state at cost of 25,000 dollars. it went on to gross almost 50 million dolllrs wooldwide. play fantasy football i play for reallfichbiiity he is úv newest pitch man. >> product you will soon sea >> product you will soon sea ray lewis
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>> as we head into the nfl soap the jets seam to be every.where on espn and talking about them as possible super bowl teem all before they evenntake the fieed. peoppe are getting kind of sick of it here in bbltimoree% and prominent is the raven residents llgend ray lewis. úhe heard just about enough. today he went off. here is ray unedited. >> we arr talking about the jets like we are talking abbut the saints. that's defending world champ. until they plaa that's the only people. drew breeee ann the saint not% sannhez and the jees. all this we are the miami heat of football you are the miami -úheat we got to be the lakers. we look at the multiple ring you know what i'm saying. but you listen to all this yap yap yap the bottom line is you have o buckle up the chin strap so he can say what he wants to say. whatever hee% said i don't want to get on it because i didn't see it but -úwhennyou tall about what i can'' do we are talking about a decade of stuff i have done.
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so we are not talking about whether i did not want to call one defense or not. coach sanchez coach the jets. my name shouldn't come out of the mouth unless you ttll them to come block me and hard time mopped night. so whatever he feel they want to say and the jets talk about this. man you still have to ppay the game. game aii't played it's played when you buckle up the chin strapp ll the pressure oo the team i hope they can cache cash the check he writt. it's what you love it's what you whatever but the bottom line is no man can whoop me. i'm good if withhthat. >> tell them ray. jets go in as 2 point favorite monday night. we have more from ray and the rest of the night in sports including the return of >> i want to hear more.
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>> fasciiating televisiin by with a look at thetanding forecast. hopefully a little bit of rain in ii somewheree >> there is agent bit of rain jjnnifer and we areenot seeing it toniiht. looking at the outside. 76 degrees under partty clludy skies. a little bit breezy out therr with winds out of the west northwest at 15 miles er hourr so we have been dominated by the high pressure syytem sittiig off to the high pressure. that's beenan dominnting our forecast so very dry weather here over the pasttcouple ays and that will continue for tomorrow and saturday as well before we start to see a chance of rain come into the forecast on sunday. here's ouu weather see up. we have the high pressure and it will be -úbringing in the northerly flow so breeey conditions for one more day and then warm conditioos as we head to the weekend at least a little warmer than where weehave been. upper 70's for friday around 80 for saturday. ooce the high pressure starts to the high pressure starts to allow in remm antst it will
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well, that thing's clearly in the way.


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